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Supramolecular Symposium Program

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Monday 24 July

Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Opening Ceremony
Dr Alan Finkel
Chief Scientist, Australia
09:15 9.15am: Plenary
Professor Andrew B. Holmes
Australian Academy of Science, Australia
  5 mins travel time
Room Room 214
  Chair: Fred Pfeffer
10:20 Peptides and peptidomimetics for anion recognition in aqueous solution
Katrina Jolliffe
11:05 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 214
  Chair: P Thordarson
11:30 Surface assembled mechanically interlocked architectures
Kathleen Mullen
11:45 Colorimetric semi-quantitative measurement of pyrophosphate by functionalised SPPS resin in biological media
Benjamin Long
12:00 Enantiopure Quadruple Stranded Helicates
Stephanie Boer
12:10 Lanthanide(III) DTPA/DOTA nanoaggregates: magnetofluorescent bimodal MRI/OI contrast agents
Michael Harris
12:20 Solubilising Squaramide Based Receptors for Sulfate Recognition in Aqueous Media
Nikki Tzioumis
12:30 Visible-Light Responsive Metal Complexes And Switches
John Beves
13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
Room Room 214
Chair: Kathleen Mullen
14:00 Crystals that Bend, Stretch and Twist
John McCurtrie
14:30 Anionic and cationic inorganic templates for molecular recognition
Jubaraj Bikash Baruah
14:45 Centrally functionalised fused [n]polynorbornanes in supramolecular chemistry
Fred Pfeffer
15:00 Vortex mediated self assembly of fullerenes
Colin Raston
15:15 Hierarchical self-assembly of metal-organic frameworks from supramolecular metalloligands
Jack Clegg
15:30 Coffee break (25 mins)
Room Room 214
Chair: Jack Clegg
15:55 New Materials from the Packing and Linking of Supramolecular Nanoballs
Stuart Batten
16:10 Living Crystallization-Driven Self-assembly of OPV-Based Copolymers
Chun Feng
16:25 Using coordination chemistry to construct polymers 
Richard Robson
16:55 5 mins travel time
17:00 5pm: Plenary 
Professor Molly Stevens 
Imperial College of London, UK
18:00 Poster Session
Melbourne Room

Tuesday 25 July

Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Plenary
Professor Frances Arnold
Californian Institute of Technology, USA
  5 mins travel time
Room Room 214
  Chair: Jonathon Beves
09:35 Using Anions to Make Switchable Supramolecular Frameworks in Water
Nicholas White
10:05 Host-Guest Composites Based On Sulfonated Calixarenes: An Architectural View 
Irene Ling
10:20 Gels Driven By Metal-Organic/Dynamic Covalent Bonding
Jianyong Zhang
10:35 Supramolecular Anion Transporters, Fluorine & The Lipid Bilayer
Michael Spooner
10:50 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 214
  Chair: John McMurtrie
11:15 Supramolecular.Org Open Access Tools For Supramolecular Chemistry
Pall Thordarson
11:30 Photocontrol of gel-sol phase transition with a switchable bis-urea gelator
Sander Wezenberger
11:45 Unlocking Sterically-Hindered and Interlocked Supramolecular Complexes by Tandem Mass Spectrometry
David Marshall
12:00 Short peptide hydrogels for culturing primary neurons in 3D
Adam Martin
12:15 Towards hydrazone based gel actuators
Lyall Hanton
12:30 Overriding Hofmeister bias in transmembrane anion transport
Phil Gale
13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary 
Dr Laura Kiessling 
University of Wisconsin, USA