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Fluoresence Program

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Thursday 27 July

Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Plenary 
Professor Oliver Einsle
Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine Freiburg, Germany
5 mins travel time
Room Room 111
Chairs : Fred Pfeffer and Yuning Hong
9:35 Keynote: Transition metal signaling in the brain and beyond
Chris Chang
10:05 N-oxide chemistry as universal fluologenic molecular switch for labile Fe(II)
Tasuku Hirayama
10:20 Morning tea (25 mins)
Chairs: Fred Pfeffer and Yuning Hong
10:45 Keynote: Luminescent rhenium(I), ruthenium(II), and iridium(III) complexes as novel cellular reagents
Kenneth Lo
11:15 Biological applications for luminescent metal ion complexes
Sally Plush
11:30 One-photon and multiphoton bacterial imaging with red-emitting dicyclometalated platinum(II) aggregates
Anna Maria Ranieri
11:45 Designing fluorescent tools to probe NK1R signalling from endosomal platforms
Josh Conner
12:00 Lunch break (60 mins)
Room Room 203
Chairs: Toby Bell and Veronique Guerchais
13:00 RACI National - Joint Keynote
Self-assembly for Imaging and Sensing

Luisa De Cola
Room Room 203
Chairs: Toby Bell and Veronique Guerchais
13:45 Chiral imaging with luminescent europium complexes
David Parker
14:00 Advances in Multi-Coloured and Potential-Resolved Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence 
Paul Francis
14:15 Electrochemically sensitized luminescence from lanthanides in D–F heteronuclear arrays
Bradley Stringer
14:30 Fluorescent Methods for the Detection of Heavy Metals
Zelong Lim
14:45 Graphene Supporting Graphitic Carbon Nitride as Novel Electrochemiluminescence Platform and Its Application in Ultrasensitive Detection of Chlorinated Phenols 
Binyuan Xia
15:00 Coffee break (25mins)
Room Room 111
Chairs: Toby Bell and Veronique Guerchais
15:25 TADF phosphides
Hui Xu
15:40 Spatially tilted spiro configuration as new strategy for delayed fluorescence
Wang Ya-Kun
15:55 Poster Slam
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Dr Alexander Makarov
Thermo Fisher Scientific Bremen, Germany

Friday 28 July

Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Plenary
Professor Nieng Yan
Tsinghua University, China
5 mins travel time
Room Room 111
Chairs: Ho Yu Au-Yeung and Kellie Tuck
9:35 Keynote: Development of silicon-substituted fluorophores and their application to fluorescence probes
Kenjiro Hanaoka
10:05 Design and synthesis of ratiometric dual-emission fluorescent probes
Peter Karuso
10:20 Morning tea (25 mins)
Chairs: Ho Yu Au-Yeung and Kellie Tuck
10:45 Keynote: Designing brighter dyes for advanced fluorescence microscopy
Luke Lavis
11:15 Biocompatible near IR photosensitizers for cancer theranostics
Zhen Shen
11:30 Modular approach to 1,8-naphthalimide fluorophores using the buchwald-hartwig cross-coupling
Trent Ashton
11:45 Expanding the scope of naphthalimide fluorescence
Kate Leslie
12:00 Lunch break (60 mins)
Chairs: Peter Karuso and Sally Plush
13:00 Controlling the deep-red emission in dinuclear platinum(II) complexes
Veronique Guerchais
13:15 Emissive lanthanide complexes based on pyridyl-8-hydroxy-quinoline chelates
Bowie Soon Ket Chong
13:30 Sugar-appended non-charged Re(I) complexes for live cell imaging
Todd Gillam
13:45 Functionalised naphthalimides as selective HDAC inhibitors
Fred Pfeffer
14:00 Selective luminescent probes for redox active biomolecules
Ho Yu Au-Yeng
14:15 Observing (de)protonation sensing events in single molecules using fluorescence spectroscopy
Toby Bell
14:30 Illuminating biological microenvironments
Kylie Yang
14:45 A highly sensitive squaraine-based water-soluble far-red/near-infrared chromofluorogenic thiophenol probe
Zhiyun Lu
15:00 Coffee break (25mins)
Chairs: Peter Karuso and Sally Plush
15:25 Imaging of ros and redox processes: from high-throughput to single-molecule
Gonzalo Cosa
15:40 Measuring macromolecular crowding in cells through fluorescence anisotropy imaging
Yuning Hong
15:55 Luminescent alkyne-bearing complexes, application to chemosensor design and protein labelling
Kellie Tuck
16:10 Laser irradiated vortex fluidic-mediated synthesis of carbon-nanodots under continuous flow
Colin Raston
16:25 Functionalised peptides as fluorescent anion sensors
David Smith
16:40 Profluorescent nitroxides as reversible real-time monitors for cellular redox status
Jesse Allen
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary 
Professor Robert Grubbs
Californian Institute of Technology, USA