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Program - Monday 24 July

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Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Opening Ceremony
Dr Alan Finkel
Chief Scientist, Australia
09:15 9.15am: Plenary
Professor Andrew B. Holmes
Australian Academy of Science, Australia
10:15 5 mins travel time
10:20 Morning tea (25 mins)
10:45 Carbon Opening Ceremony
11:00 Carbon Plenary
Rodney Ruoff
Chair: Mark Biggs
12:00 Lunch break (60mins)
13:00 Parallel Sessions
Room Room 103 Room 104 Room 105 Room 106
  Session 1A 
T1: Applications

Chair: Robert Hurt
Session 1B
T2: Composites

Chair: Malcolm Heggie
Session 1C
T3: Batteries

Chair: Tom Rufford
Session 1D
T5: Mechanical Properties

Chair: Peter Lodewyck
13:05 KEYNOTE: Graphene-based nanoionics
Dan Li

Filling mechanisms, composition, structure and properties of halide-filled DWCNTs
Marc Monthioux
Hybrid nanostructures for lithium and sodium storage
Zaiping Guo
Carbon nanotube reinforced carbon/carbon composites with excellent mechanical performance
Hejun Li
13:30 Low-dimensional nano-carbons: Form doped graphene to biological applications of nanotubes
Mauricio Terrones
Dynamic self-stiffening and structural evolutions of polyacrylonitrile/carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Yaodong Liu
Hollow porous carbon nanospheres/P composite with superior 
Na storage performance

Shanshan Yao
Influence of damage effects on the mechanical properties of C/C
Robert Bohm
13:50 Electronic-mechanical-magnetic coupling in 2D materials
Liangzhi Kou
A novel photoreduction of copper acetate confined in carbon nanospace
Takahiro Ohkubo
Quinone molecules in single-walled carbon nanotubes for low-temperature Na-iIon batteries
Shinji Kawasaki
Mechanical and thermal properties of carbon/carbon composites improved by NFCS
Zheng Jinhuang
14:10 Tailoring few-layer graphenes for supercapacitors in a hydrogen-argon mixed plasma
Emily Smith
Synthesis and electromagnetic wave absorbing property of 
ACNT/GA/BNR composite

Tingkai Zhao
Electrostatic-spraying a multifunctional coating onto a cathode for lithium-S battery
Shuzhang Niu 
Matrix influence on nanoindentation data recorded on
composite's carbon fibers

 Laurence Romana
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
14:35 Brian Kelly Award
Defect engineering of graphene and other 2D materials

Ruitao Lv
15:00 Coffee break (20 mins)
Room Room 103 Room 104 Room 105 Room 106
  Session 2A
T1: Processing

Chair: Dan Li
Session 2B
T2: Nanocarbons Synthesis

Chair: Marc Monthioux
Session 2C
T3: N-doped Carbons

Chair: Francois Beguin
Session 2D

Chair: Alberto Bianco
15:20   Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CVD on a shungite substrate
Meruyert Nazhipkyzy
Absorption of CO2 and O2 on nitrogen-doped graphitic carbons
Junji Nakamura
Graphene-based adenosine aptasensors: elucidating mechanisms at the molecular-scale
Tiffany Walsh
15:40 Controlled folding of single crystal graphene
Bin Wang
Metallic-like carbon nanosphere qubits
Mohammad Choucair
Optimized bimetallic oxide/nitrogen-doped graphene hybrid as efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst
Li Wei
Different strategies for enhancing the neural interaction on diamond surfaces
Wei Tong
16:00 Observing graphene destruction and reconstruction by in situ TEM
Chenghua Sun
Engineering the surface states of carbon dots for tuning  functionalities
Qin Li
Metal-tannin coordination derived metal/N-doped carbon
composites for oxygen electrocatalysis

Jing Wei
Bio-inspired polydopamine chemistry for effective surface modification of carbonaceous nanomaterials
Gang Ye
16:20 Femtosecond laser exfoliation of graphite fluorides
Nicolas Batisse
Framework-mediated synthesis of microporous carbon onion 
from porous aromatic framework

Mahdokt Shaibani
Fe-N-doped carbon catalysts prepared by PECVD/sputtering system for fuel cells
Masaru Tachibana
Reduced graphene oxide coated scaffolds for brain repair
Patcharin Chen
16:40 Graphene for polymer composites
Jun Ma
Synthesizing narrow diameter distributed carbon nanotubes using Fe-implanted wafers
Cheol-Hun Lee
Curved and n-doped carbon nanostructures obtained by salt
melt synthesis

Maria Rybarczyk
Synthesis and characterization of biomimetic calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite on carbon cloth
Sylvie Bonnamy
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Professor Molly Stevens
Imperial College of London, UK
18:30 Melbourne Room (Level 2)
Poster session with drinks 18:30-20.30