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SFEC Young Researcher Award


At the 2009 World Conference on Carbon, hosted in France, the Francophone Carbone Society (SFEC, formerly GFEC) created the SFEC award. This award recognises significant contributions to carbon science or carbon technology made by a "young", non‐tenured, scientist or engineer, regardless of his/her country of origin and citizenship, when this work has been conducted in a laboratory from a country whose official language is French, or by a citizen from a country whose official language is French and whose awarded work has been carried‐out anywhere in the world. The laboratory may be academic and public, or from a private company.

This prize is awarded annually at the World Conference on Carbon. The conditions for eligibility are that

  1. the remarkable results to be awarded should be presented at the forthcoming World Conference on Carbon, i.e., for 2017, the CARBON'17 conference at Melbourne (Australia);
  2. these results should be recent, i.e., if already published, disclosed not earlier than 2015 or 2016;
  3. the recipient of the Award must attend the CARBON’17 conference and give a related lecture in person.

The award will be given by the current Chair of SFEC upon the recommendation of the SFEC Award Committee, at an appropriate time allocated by the Organising Committee of the ongoing CARBON Conference. The SFEC award will include a ones French and whose awarded work has been carried‐o

Nominations are now sought for the award. This recognition is awarded upon the basis of an appraisal of TWO documents (pdf format preferred):

  1. An Abstract of at least 4 pages, so that the Committee can fairly assess the quality and originality of the work. This abstract can be ‐ preferably ‐ the Extended Abstract (if of 4 pages at least) as it was, or will be, submitted to the CARBON conference in due time. The abstract can also be a reprint of the related article if already published.
  2. A letter of recommendation provided by the "Nominator", typically a close colleague, or the candidate's supervisor if applicable. This letter must establish that the nominee is the main author of the work proposed, and also should state the reasons why the nominee is fully eligible for this award.

As the award recognises the scientific quality of a specific piece of work, and not a sum of career achievements, NO resume shall be provided. The nomination may come from anyone in the world, but should be made by one of the members of the SFEC Award Committee known by the Nominator, or directly sent to the current Chair of SFEC, Dr. Roland PELLENQ (

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