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Program - Monday 24 July

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Room Plenary Hall 2-3
8:30 8.30am: Opening Ceremony
Dr Alan Finkel
Chief Scientist, Australia
9:15 9.15am: Plenary Professor
Andrew B. Holmes
Australian Academy of Science, Australia
10:15 5 mins travel time
Room Room 213
  EFMC session 1 CADD
Chair: Renate Griffith
10:20 Exploring Protein Dynamics for Ligand Design
Rebecca Wade
11:05 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 213
  EFMC session 2 CADD
Chair: Koen Augustyns
11:30 Artificially-intelligent drug design
Gisbert Schneider
12:15 Prediction of Serious Adverse Events Using Machine Learning
Tatsuya Takagi
12:30 Discovery of novel allosteric modulators for α1A-adrenergic receptors
Kaniz Fatima Urmi
12:45 Investigating the role of metastable states in drug binding
Trayder Thomas
13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
Room Room 213
  ACS journals session 1 CADD
Chair: Gunda Georg
14:00 Computer-Aided Drug Design in 2017: Update and Directions
Michael Gilson
14:45 Data-driven drug design in the era of "big data"
Hualiang Jiang
15:30 Coffee break (25 mins)
Room Room 213 Room 215
  Tools session
Chair: Susan Tsay
Chair: Michela Simone
15:55 Convenient Methods for Detection and Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells
Shin Aoki
Engineering a water-soluble zirconium(IV) chelator using the bacterial biosynthetic machinery
Rachel Codd
16:10 Activity-based probes and bioorthogonal chemistry: novel tools for chemical biology
Koen Augustyns
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of Plasmepsin V reveal a novel antimalarial target
Michelle Gazdik
16:25 Developing superior peptide conjugates for studying Y receptior biology
Philip Thompson
Rational design of ketol-acid reductoisomerase inhibitors as novel antituberculosis agents
Ajit Kandale
16:40 Correlating Simulations of Peptide-Coated Gold Nanoparticles to Experiments
Patrick Charchar
CD4 Mimics for enhancement of activity of HIV neutralising antibodies
Hirokazu Tamamura
16:55 5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Professor Molly Stevens
Imperial College of London, UK